LOUIE: A tap-dancing lobster with a tough shell and a heart of gold. He rallies the Shelf Life gang to stick together and work together as a team, believing good friends can conquer the bad guys.

On the eve of the biggest snowstorm of the century, two children, siblings Wes and Eliza, spy a tap-dancing lobster named Louie in the seafood section of a supermarket and decide to take him home. Just one small problem: their mom notices him trying to sneak out on the checkout belt and places him in the discard bin.

There, Louie meets a few friends who will change his life: Bub and Coquetta. Together, they work to get out of the bin and begin the journey back home to their shelves and tank before sunrise.

BUB: He’s youthful energy packed in bubbly little piece of gum. Eager to do whatever's needed—bounce, stretch, stick—Bub becomes one of Louie’s biggest allies.

COQUETTA: A sassy banana with a few brown spots. Though people might think Coquetta’s over-ripe, her friends find her very shapely and “a-peeling.”

WIZINAGI: The oldest product in the entire supermarket, he’s wise old green tea with no expiration date. He’s a Yoda-like figure, legendary and enlightening.

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The Meat Posse:

T-BONE, he's steak with a major chip on his shoulder. Quick to pick a fight when someone invades his turf—or simply for the fun of it—he's the Tony Soprano of the meat section! His dim-witted henchman, SASSAFAT and DAWG, are quick to do his bidding.

Despite constant obstacles, including running into a rowdy ring of unwrapped rappers known as "The Meat Posse," the Shelf Life gang learns that if they stick together, they’re unstoppable; that’s the power of friendship. There is no expiration date on friendship.

Shelf Life is more than just a fun and imaginative adventure. It aims to teach child readers valuable lessons about making friends, working together to find solutions, and standing up against bullying. Within this world, there are good guys, bad guys, and a mystical tea to guide them on their way through the aisles. Their journey is proof that with courage and determination—and the right support team—you can reach your goals and achieve your dreams.

There is nothing more powerful than a story well-told for a child. Like many parents, my father helped to put the world in order in stories at the end of the day, but it is this particular story that I remember so well. SHELF LIFE is an adventure story, but it also was designed by my Dad to teach us about diversity and the power of belonging. I hope you enjoy the story now as much as I have!

Jamie-Lynn Sigler

As a new dad, one of the best gifts I can give our daughter is a love of reading. Books that spark the imagination and bring joy. SHELF LIFE is for sure that kind of book. I can't wait to add it to Poppy's library.

Nate Berkus